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Volunteers Raise Walls On House Project In Denison


DENISON, TX -- An empty lot will soon host a family of eight, but there is a lot of work to be done first, and some volunteers did not let drizzle deter them from their task.

Nail by nail, a new house takes shape for a family that could use the extra space. "It's ten of us right now in three bedrooms, so it's kind of crowded," says mom Keisha Taylor. "It'd be nice to have the kids have their own room and not so much bickering."

Taylor likes being close to her mom, but living in the same house in Sherman can be hard. "I looked it up online and I got the application and filled it out and I called and talked to her and they were doing the first build in Pottsboro," says Taylor.

"We helped from putting up the walls putting on the roof to finishing everything," says dad Shona Taylor, a Denison teacher's aide.

The Taylors volunteered and now two years later, the Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County volunteers are working on their house.

"After you do so many hours, then your name goes up to the committee and they vote who's the next house they're going to build," says Shona Taylor.

"It's going to satisfy their needs, they need a home," says pastor Charles Niblet, who is Keisha Taylor's uncle.

Plenty of volunteers showed up to work on the house on West Elm Street despite drizzle. They usually work on Wednesdays and Saturdays and they raised the walls of the new house on Saturday.

"Our volunteers show up no matter what so when we can unless the weather stops us everybody shows up on site," says Habitat director Laurie Mealy.

"It is raining but I think that makes it more fun, our favorite part is raising the walls, and everyone coming together," says SOSU student Ashley Bowen, part of a group of volunteers from a sorority on campus.

In just a few months, the Taylors will be able to walk through their own front door. "You get to go through all the steps building it, not just I had a house built, I built my house. It's exciting," says Keisha Taylor.

"The love of God, this is how love is displayed. You just put some feet to your words," says Niblet.

This is the 27th project house for the local Habitat group and one of a few lots from demolished houses donated by the city of Denison, Mealy said. Along with volunteering themselves, the prospective homeowners must also attend budgeting classes.