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Hugo Basketball Team Loses In Wrong Basket Shocker


HUGO, OK -- Everyone makes mistakes, but now imagine your "oops" causes your team to lose the big game. It happened to a Texoma eleventh grader who made the wrong basket, and many people say they are feeling for him.

The bus pulled up to Hugo High School on Friday afternoon, with the last play after a 30-second timeout on Thursday still echoing through their thoughts.

"The main thing we tried to do is make sure we got it in, make them foul us or whatever, go to the free-throw line, or run the time out," says coach Darnell Shanklin.

With three seconds, the ball went to player Trey Johnson. He went for a shot and it went in. "I yelled quite loud at him, saying don't do it," says player Billy Dossey.

"I was rooting and cheering and the old boy next to me said, 'He made that in the wrong goal,'" says fan John Beesley.

For those Hugo fans who didn't at first realize what happened, the cheers from the other bleachers made them catch on. "He was just so excited, he just ran to the goal and you know, shot, and made the point, and it was for the wrong team," says fan Barbara Beesley.

"I got a little light-headed, dizzy, I kind of sat down for a second and raced through my thoughts," says Dossey.

Some residents say the loss is particularly devastating because that same Oklahoma City team, Millwood, has beat them in the past, but they say they also feel for Johnson and what he must be going through.

"When he realized, it was just horrible, it was devastating. I felt sorry for him, really bad," says Barbara Beasley.

"I don't know how he shot in the wrong basket, but I did it before, so no matter," says fifth-grader Deondra Gaffney.

Johnson went off with his family, but not before one last huddle of the season. "We wanted him to know that it's not his fault, we love him, and we're there," says Shanklin.

"What coach always taught us is things like this happens in life and you got to learn off them," says Dossey.

While this wraps up the season for some graduating players, Johnson will have another chance at the state championship. "He's a junior. Hopefully he'll recover. Hopefully our community gets behind him because he's going to need a lot of support," says Mayor Stan Payne.

"I'm sure it's happened before, I guess it just wasn't meant to be," says player Jared Bailey.

The Millwood Falcons beat the Hugo Buffaloes, 38-37. Meantime, in a show of support, team officials at the Oklahoma City Thunder are inviting Johnson to their game Sunday against the Boston Celtics.