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Texas DPS increasing DWI patrol for Spring Break


DENISON -- The Valleru family is on a roadtrip from Tulsa and stopped for a stretch and a map at the Texas Travel Information Center.

During the drive, Dee Valleru says she'd already noticed an increase in patrol presence along the highway and will probably see even more since they've crossed the state line.

"We've seen a lot of cop cars along the way," she said. "We counted and it was actually five."

Friday, the Texas Department of Public Safety began a nine-day long effort to crack down on drunk drivers during spring break.

"Spring break does bring about a time where we like to put more troopers out on the road," Mark Tackett with the Texas Highway Patrol said.

During spring break in 2012, DPS says it made more than 1,000 DWI arrests statewide, issued more than 9,400 speeding tickets and wrote 1,500 seat belt citations.

But Tackett says troopers won't just be on the lookout for students.

"Everybody's out for spring break. A lot of parents take off work and go out. This is their first really big break since the Christmas holidays," he said.

As parents on the road with their two children during spring break, the Vallerus say they're prepared for the unexpected.

"Spring break, having kids, you think about that," she said. "I usually stay away from things that look kind of weird on the road. Either I go slow or try to avoid stuff like that."

DPS says any driver under the age of 21 with a detectible amount of alcohol in their system can be charged.

Spring break for students in Oklahoma is March 18-22.