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Federal Aviation Administration Plans to Close Ardmore Control Tower


ARDMORE, OK--  The F.A.A is making budget cuts that could make a huge economic impact right here in Texoma.

173 contract control towers are slated for closure in the coming months as a result of budget cuts in the Federal Aviation Administration. One of those control towers is at the Ardmore Airpark.  

Tony Bailey the CEO of King Aerospace, a company based at the airpark, says if the towers close, aircraft and new opportunities won't be able to land at the airpark.

"We're right now on the cusp of our growth so for us in the Ardmore area because we are very big proponents of staying here. It means 300 to 500 jobs over the next five years, so it has a huge impact because without that tower we can't do that" says Bailey.

With the F.A.A's decision to close control towers such as the one in Ardmore, aviation professionals tell us the impact will be felt locally and globally.

Airpark manager Chris Bryant has been meeting with state and local officials to find solutions to help save towers in Oklahoma.

The airpark manager tells us that the planned closure date for the Ardmore tower is September 30, 2013 and he hopes a solution lands before then.