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New Improvements Being Made at Randell Lake


DENISON, TX--- If you're thinking about fishing or boating in Randell Lake this summer, you may have to put your plans on hold. City water plant workers said current improvement projects are taking a little longer than expected.

The lake has been closed to the public for more than two years. Today, plant workers said at the earliest, the lake will reopen in September, but that Texomans may have to wait until December to enjoy it.

A new raw water pump station is just one of several new improvements taking place at the lake.

"We just started it yesterday and it's going through its thirty day trial period now," plant manager Dean Rylant said.

The station's new pipes pump water from the lake into a treatment plant before Denison residents, as well as other wholesale customers, receive the water. If the new station passes the current thirty day trial period without any hiccups, then it will officially replace an older station that was being used prior to new station's installation.

The old water plant station was running up until Wednesday. City plant workers said the plant's pipes desperately needed to be replaced due to age, location and zebra mussels that were attaching to their insides. They said zebra mussels will no longer be a problem at the new pumping station.

"We ran two chemical feed lines down here from the plant, we're going to generate chlorine dioxide and inject it just inside the screens which will control the zebra mussels," Rylant said.

New improvements at the dam area are also taking place. Plant workers said they will soon be removing 23 floodgates.

"The state of Texas requires us to be able to open all 23 flood gates within a certain length of time and we can't do that manually and to automate it was just a tremendous amount of money," Rylant said.

So instead, plant workers are replacing them with spillways, which they said are more cost effective and easier to maintain.  The last improvement being made at the lake is constructing a stilling well which will slow the velocity of the overflow from the dam to prevent future erosion.

Once all the improvements are made, plant workers said they plan to fill the pipes at the old pumping station with concrete to prevent future leaking or bursting.