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Gas Prices Cause Fuel Efficient Car Sales to Increase


ARDMORE, OK--  With gas prices on the rise it has people thinking twice about the kind of car they will purchase.

"They're crazy, they're way too high, way too high," resident Brad Yelton.

Lately gas prices seem to be going from high to higher, and some local residents said they're having to take drastic measures just to get to work.

"I have to drive my car because diesel's so high for my pick up. I can't drive it out of town, I have to use my wife's car," said Yelton.

"My business is near my house, I drive a golf cart to work and I don't buy much gas for it," said resident Glenn Scifres.

Ray Freeman is a Sales Manager at Glen Rabe Motors and said He's been seeing a lot more people coming in wanting to either buy a fuel efficient car, or trade in their gas guzzlers.

"A lot of people are going for the smaller to mid size vehicles to save gas," said Freeman.

Despite the rise of gas prices and the economy, Freeman said people still are coming in with a need for trucks.

"It's effected sales but you know as far as does it effect a certain vehicle, No. You still have people that need their suburban or the big trucks hall loads or whatever they need to do," said Freeman.

Kyle Defoor said he's shopping for another car, but said this time around, he's thinking more about the high price of gas over luxury.

"Well I'm looking for a more gas efficient type car today and my last car was okay but I'm looking for something a little better," said Defoor.

According to a monthly report by Michigan University, purchases for fuel efficient cars is on the rise and Freeman agrees.

"Some people are even coming in and they're wanting to keep their vehicles and they're wanting to buy a small SUV or a mid size to small car to save fuel and drive it back and forth just to commute with," Freeman said.