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Ardmore Middle School Writes to Soldiers Overseas


ARDMORE, OK--  Soldiers fighting overseas will be getting a few special packages from Ardmore Middle School. 

Through their new Pen Pals Program, students and teachers at Ardmore Middle School are touching lives overseas using paper, pen, and words from the heart

Teachers also have pen pals , when writing to her pal, Ms. Howell is reminded of the days she had to write her son who was once stationed overseas.

"It's easy to become disconnected, I have a son who was in Afghanistan and Iraq, and sometimes you might feel like no body cares or understands what you go through. I think writing to them let's them know we still remember them" says Ms. Howell.

With the new letter writing campaign, Ardmore Middle School students and teachers are learning many valuable lessons outside of the classroom.

Students and teachers at the middle school have made it priority to write their pals overseas every two weeks.