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Poll Finds Exercise is the Key to Good Sleep


DENISON, TX--- A good workout may be the secret to better sleep. A recent poll from the National Sleep Foundation shows the more you hit the gym, the easier it is to hit the sheets.

Hitting the treadmill or pumping some iron could be the key to getting more shut eye.

"It takes a lot of stress off of my back," Jordan Dunlap said. "It makes me feel good. I've had some problems sleeping and loosing weight has helped me sleep a lot better."

According to a study, exercise can improve your sleep even hours before bed.

"It improves my sleep because I get to relieve stress when I work out," Chelsea Dumas said. "It helps me calm down when I'm going to sleep at the end of the day."

"The more you work out, the better your body runs and the better your body runs, the better your body relaxes," Nautilus personal trainer Dylan Castle said.

The study monitored the work out and sleeping patterns of 1,000 people and defined exercise by doing at least ten minutes of physical activity a week. What researchers found was that 83% of regular exercisers slept better, compared to 56% of people who didn't exercise.

Trainers we talked to said sleep isn't the only thing you can gain from working out.

"Typically the response you get after training somebody is everything is better, my appetite is better, my sleep is better, I feel better and I'm happier," Castle said

The study also disproved the common misconception that exercise keeps you up at night.   Instead, researchers said what time you work out at has no effect on your sleep patterns.

The study also found that spending less then eight hours a day sitting will also greatly improve your sleep.

If you are working out and still not getting a good night's rest, researchers suggest going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, using your bedroom only to sleep or leaving your bedroom and going to a different room to relax until you feel tired.