Grayson County Warrant Round-Up begins Wednesday - - No One Gets You Closer

UPDATE: Grayson County Warrant Round-Up begins Wednesday


UPDATE -- As of 5pm Wednesday, the Grayson County Sheriff's Office says 27 people were arrested, 11 of which were for felonies.

Forty-six out of 249 warrants were cleared by arrest and 11 warrants were cleared by those who came in to pay fines.

GRAYSON COUNTY -- The 2013 Great Texas Warrant Round-Up kicked off early Wednesday morning. Officers from more than a dozen agencies in Grayson County are participating.

The Round-Up has been going on statewide since Saturday.

On Wednesday alone, officers are looking for nearly 250 people countywide who have warrants out for their arrests. The charges range from unpaid fines and fees to aggravated assault and possibly murder.

KTEN crews followed along as deputies knocked on doors at addresses given by the wanted person. By noon, several had already been arrested and booked into the Grayson County jail. Others weren't home or had moved from the address given.

The Sheriff's Office says anyone with outstanding warrants should turn themselves in to avoid being arrested at home or work. The address is 200 S. Crockett, Sherman, Texas 75090.

You can also call (903) 813-4200 or search online to see if there is a warrant out for your arrest.