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Crafty Creations - A Unique Centerpiece


We're starting a new segment on Good Morning Texoma, Crafty Creations with Brenda Hantsche. A mother of six, she calls her self "M.O.M." or Mother of Many. And over the years she's come up with unique ideas to decorate, gift, and have great family time without breaking the bank.

This week Brenda shows us her unique centerpieces, made from things you may already have in your home, maybe the box of "garage sale items" in your back room.

Supply List:

teacup and saucer, either mismatched or matching

5 Minute Epoxy (Brenda uses a brand called Extreme Power)

Foil scrap

Plastic utensil for mixing Epoxy

Matching ribbon and tag

Hole punch


Whole Coffee beans (or other filler for teacup)

Tea light candles

4-inch glass candlestick