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Nickels for Nick


DENISON, TX - Dozens of people filled the Eisenhower auditorium Tuesday night at Denison high school to watch a talent show put on by the theater department.

It's a performance they do every year to raise money for the spring semester, but this year the students are using the money to help a fellow classmate in a devastating time of need.

Just about 2 months ago, sophomore, Nicholas Casarez's life took a very scary turn.

In a matter of just minutes, a stroke took him away from life as he knew it.

Now his friends are helping in the fight to get his life back.

On a normal night, 16 year old Nicholas Casarez would be getting ready to take the stage at Denison High School and perform.

"When I get up on the stage, it's undescribable," said Nick.


"I never expect anything like this to happen."

"It's different, everything's different, he has a cane, a wheel chair, he has to do everything different, has to be handicapped accessible," said Nick's mom, Cammie Casarez.

On January 19th out of no where, something happened to Nicholas that changed everything.

Cammie Casarez says her healthy son suddenly became weak and unable to respond, that's when the nightmare began.

They called 911.

On the way to TMC he started having seizures in the ambulance. From TMC he was flown to Parkland Hospital.

"When we got there that's when we had to start signing the paperwork for them to be able to put the tube to relieve the pressure in his head and go ahead and do the craniotomy and do what they needed to do, he had tubes all over him," said Casarez.

Doctors said Nick suffered a stroke caused by bleeding in his brain and they needed to remove part of the bone from his skull or he could die.

After 14 days under heavy sedation, Nick finally woke up, but the nightmare isn't over.

He's paralyzed on the right side of his body, and the chances of a full recovery are slim.

The stroke affected his speech so nick struggles to get his words out.

"I um really miss going to school."

But his friends are speaking for him.

"We don't need any of this money as badly as his family needs it, from all of the expenses traveling back and forth to Dallas, and so it really means a lot to just give up our last fundraiser to him," said Brittany Corwin.

And Nick says he's not at all scared about what the future holds.

"Cause I saw God, he told me that I'm going to get better."

All of the money raised tonight by Nick's friends will go to help his family with medical bills.

If you would like to help visit the link below.