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Bill Would Make License Renewal Process Easier


ARDMORE, OK-- We've all had to renew our license at some point or another, and one Oklahoma lawmaker is trying to make that process easier.

"It would be a lot easier if you could just bring your expired license up here. I mean it might be expired but I mean it's still you.  You can get an I'D made, so why not just get a drivers license made," said resident Roxane Hays.

 That's exactly what State Rep. Pat Ownbey is trying to do. Ownbey proposed a bill that would allow Oklahomans to show their expired license as proof of I.D instead of a birth certificate.

"This is just a common sense bill that says from now on if your license has expired over that 30 day period you can just bring in the drivers license itself and use that for identification and get a new license," Ownbey said.

Although some local residents said they think the system is already pretty easy.

"It's been pretty simple so far, but there are times when people forget, they don't get their license done on time, it makes it more difficult for them and I realized that," said Resident Vance Porter.

Erik Estrada recently moved to the Ardmore area from Texas and said the process here in Oklahoma is much easier.

"It's easier because in Texas you have to go through a lot of things, you have to wait a week and here I just came, did a driving test and got my license," said Estrada.

In addition to being able to show your expired license as proof of I.D residents  can now renew their license after 30 days for up to a year.