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Korean business brings manufacturing jobs to Denison


DENISON, TX - An industrial product created and manufactured in Korea will be made in America for the first time, and it's happening right here in Texoma.

This company is set to add at least 100 new jobs in the Sherman/Denison area over the next few years.

Their product has been made in Korea for about 4 years.

Although they've marketed the product here in the United States, it's never been made here until now.

A one of a kind product made in Korea, will soon be made right here.

"It's about time we got something made in America, instead of China or Japan," said Denison business owner, Willis Brock.

Visionary industrial insulation makes an unbreakable and enduring insulation for the power and process industries.

"We believe that we've got the right product at the right time, because of all of the emphasis on energy generation and energy conservation and this is the product for now," said Vice President, Dan Plaskett.

A product that will now be made in Denison, immediately adding 7 to 10 jobs to the area, but it doesn't stop there.

"As we continue to grow we hope that by the end of the year, we're at maybe 30 to 50, and within a couple of years a hundred plus," said Plaskett.

"Denison needs the growth, we need some new businesses down here, it's been kind of down for the last couple of years," said Holly Harbin.

And helping pump life into a Texoma community is a goal vice Plaskett, and his co workers are particularly passionate about.

"We see so many jobs leaving the country, and to the extent that we can bring even a few of those jobs back to the U.S., we want to do that."

"I think it will help the local economy, and the people who are down on their luck, and jobs are hard to find right now," said Denison business owner, Cherry Urbanski.

On Monday night, the Denison City Council honored the Korean workers who've spent the last several months setting up machines to make this all possible.

"They sacrifice, they're far away from their family," said President and CEO, Chang Jang.

"Without their dedication and without the time they've put in, and without their specialized skill sets, we wouldn't be in the position we are in today, getting ready to hire people from the Sherman - Denison community," Plaskett said.

Visionary Industrial Insulation is now located in the old Safeway building on Johnson Street in Denison.

They hope to start hiring by the end of the month.