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Sherman landmark set to receive several upgrades


SHERMAN -- It's a staple in downtown Sherman and soon, Kelly Square is getting a makeover.

Robert Minshew is the owner.

"Downtowns, historically, are old and need something exciting to keep them current, and that's what we're doing," he said.

Minshew says construction will begin soon on two new balconies overlooking Travis Street.

They'll be accessible from the recently opened piano bar inside Fulbelli's Restaurant.

Minshew also says he's installing a one-of-a-kind elevator in the center of the square.

"It's an interesting elevator. There will be people coming down just to see the elevator," he said.

Construction is underway in the front of Kelly Square where a shop already inside the center will move into once it's complete in a couple weeks.

The Women's Gift Exchange donates its profits to Grayson County charities.

"We'll be right up front and nobody can really miss us," manager Ashlee Carpenter said.

Minshew says the elevator and balcony will cost about 60-thousand dollars and Monday, he learned he'll get a little help footing the bill.

During a Sherman city council meeting, he requested a historic building grant to cover about $13,000 in construction costs, which the council unanimously approved.