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An Explanation for Strong Winds


TEXOMA -- Wind, it is basically the movement of air.

Most people know about the two different types of air masses. Air flows around each of these systems clockwise around high pressure systems and counter-clockwise around low pressure systems.

But what makes the winds so strong one day and not so much the next?

It has to do with the position and strength of those pressure systems. Each system is made up of different air masses. With low pressure warm air is at the surface, with high pressure cooler air is at the surface.

If Texoma is in between a strong low pressure system off to the northwest (very warm) and a strong high pressure system to the southeast, the force of air rushing from one system to another makes the winds very strong and gusty in between where there is a large temperature difference and thus a strong pressure change over a small amount of area.

This is good for warm temperatures but bad due to the elevated fire danger.

This is the exact situation we have over Texoma Monday and Tuesday. A cold front is coming through, warm air out ahead of it with strong southwesterly winds. More chilly air to follow with winds turning to be from the north Monday night into Tuesday morning.

The strong wind is the effect of that change in pressure systems and that we are shifting from a warm air mass over Texoma Monday to a more cold or chilly air mass over Texoma for Tuesday.