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‘Camp Dragonfly’ Creates Healing for Grieving Children


POTTSBORO,TX--- A weekend long community-based grief camp is helping children who've suffered the death a loved one. At Home Hospice's Camp Dragonfly, staff members assist these children on their journey towards healing. The camp began Friday and wrapped up this afternoon.

Hailey Robertson's mom is no longer here, but she said the memories the two shared together always will be.

"Me and her both went swimming without the other kids," said Hailey.

It has been about a year since her mom passed away.

"It caught everybody off guard, really off guard," Hailey's father Jimmy Robertson said. 

He said coping with the loss is something Hailey, and her siblings, have had to deal with.

"It made Hailey go downhill a little ways," said Robertson. "It kind of distracted her from her school work and stuff like that. She's starting to come around now."

The coping process is what brought them to Camp Dragonfly.
The camp is held at Lake Texoma and teaches children how to heal from loss.

"Sometimes kids are the forgotten mourners and we're able to provide a place where they can come," said Camp Dragonfly Camp Director Jolene Senek.

This weekend, Hailey participated in several activities with children who are also dealing with the loss of a loved one.

"They helped me by telling me it's okay," Hailey said.

She said together they helped and supported each other through all of the week's challenges.

"They told me don't cry, it's okay, my parents and brother died too," Hailey said.

"I think ultimately they walk away finding their voice again," Senek said.

This is the sixth year in a row Home Hospice has sponsored Camp Dragonfly. These camps take place twice a year and the next one is being held in October. The camp is open to children ages eight to twelve who've lost a loved one in the past two years.