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Sherman Volunteers Raise Money Through Junk


SHERMAN, TX -- An agency that helps the mentally challenged showed how one man's trash truly can be a treasure, during a fundraiser that collected old items.

Texoma Community Center volunteers held a Recycling fundraiser in the parking lot at the building on West McLain Street. They collected old computer monitors, vacuum cleaners, and other trash items, which are given to a company called Bubb Fundraising, which reimburses the center that helps the mentally ill.

"We've actually done seven of them in the five years and it's just good for the community and then we make money from it, so it's good for us," says center employee Paula Cawthon.

The agency, formerly known as MHMR, hoped to raise $5,000 thanks to a "matching" donation from Modern Woodmen of America, Cawthon said. A similar event will be held April 27 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on South Mirick in Denison.