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Texoma couple builds business on picking up dog poop


DURANT, OK - It's no secret that people in Texoma love their dogs. Some just don't like picking up after them, and while you may think the mess in your backyard is your business, people we talked to are hoping to make it theirs.

Dog poop is something landscapers say they come across a lot and it can ruin their day in more ways than one.

That's where one Texoma couple comes in, doing a job that most people wouldn't do.

As cute as they are, and as much as people love them, the messes they leave behind can cause problems.

"Stepping in it while we was cutting them down, always stepping in dog poop and stuff."

That's why Johnny Saxon and his wife Amanda are in the business of picking up poop.

Johnny says the idea came after years of tree trimming and landscaping.

He says he's stepped in dog poop many times on the job, and it's more than just an irritation. It's bad for business.

"If you go in people's house and you have dog poop all over your shoes, you drag it into the house," said Johnny.

So, it's a dirty job that not everyone likes to do, but someone has to do it.

And most landscapers say it's not their jobs, but if it's not picked up, it can cause them problems.

Especially if they don't see it while they're weed eating, you can just imagine the mess that can make.

But as simple as it may seem to pick up after your pets, the Saxon's say it's not so simple for everyone.

 "My in laws they're up there in that age range and they thought it was a pretty good idea, and they have a next door neighbor who's elderly and she can't get out there and pick up her own dog's mess, and she liked the idea," said Amanda.

So they saw a need and decided to take make a business out of it.

"Nope I don't mind, I've got dogs, I don't mind scooping poop," Amanda said.

A business they say is already gaining a lot of interest.

For more information on Poop Patrol, call 580-775-4642.