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Milburn Schools Locked Down After Gun Spotted


MILBURN, OK -- Milburn Schools went on lockdown after officials say two men with a pellet gun showed up on the front lawn, approached school buildings, and were arrested.

Around 11:50 a.m. on Friday, deputies got a call that two men were walking towards the school with a gun, Johnston County Sheriff Jon Smith said.

The superintendent says the men were on school property with what at first appeared to be a rifle and tried to open the doors to the cafeteria. 

"We made sure that all the exterior doors were locked," says superintendent Bobby Waitman. "We had wonderful help from our staff, teachers had of course locked down their students in the classrooms, custodians locking exterior doors along with administration."

A 19-year-old man and a juvenile were eventually cornered by deputies near some woods in the property and arrested. They face charges of trespassing, carrying an offensive weapon on school grounds, and resisting arrest.

Smith says they later learned it was a "pellet gun." The lockdown lasted about 30 minutes and no one was hurt.