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Ada Men Rescued From Burning House


ADA, OK -- Three people escaped a burning house with the help of alert firemen and police, and family members are thankful that everyone was able to make it out safely.

All three men were apparently asleep inside the house around 4 a.m. on Friday with the stove on fire. That is when firefighters say an officer driving down the block happened to notice something was wrong.

An early morning call had Ada fire captain Joe Allen headed to the 900 block of Beverly Street. By breaking the window, they got two men out of the smoke-filled house.

"I questioned them and asked them if there was anybody else in the structure and they responded no," says Allen. "We went to the back of the house where the fire was located, put it out, and one of the guys -- I don't know if the smoke inhalation or what were confused -- but they remembered that there was another guy in the house."

Allen says they searched the house and found a 25-year-old man lying on the floor between the toilet and the bathtub.

"The first thing we did was check his respirations and pulse and he was snoring so we knew we had a viable victim," says Allen. "He regained consciousness after about five minutes of being outside and breathing normal air and we put him on oxygen."

"I'm just glad he's alright and that he didn't get hurt too bad in there," says sister Ashton Akers.

The homeowner says she was not home at the time but she is very glad that her nephew made it out okay. She says she bought the house about five years ago after her husband died and she will try to repair it.

Allen credits an alert police officer, Mike Meeks, for seeing the smoke and helping save three lives. "At nighttime it's hard to see something like that," says Allen. "He did a great job noticing that. If it hadn't been for him, those three guys probably would have burned up in the fire."

Family members say after seeing the damage on the kitchen stove, they are glad the man and his two friends escaped with their lives.

"I'm glad somebody saw it and it could have been worse, glad they stopped it when they did," says brother-in-law Joe Akers.

The man was back at the house Friday afternoon after being treated for smoke inhalation at  Valley View Hospital. According to the firefighters' report, the three men appeared to be intoxicated and two burners were found to be on.