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Rodent concerns over Katy Antique Station demolition


DENISON -- Its days are numbered. The Katy Antique Station in downtown Denison is set to be demolished soon.

The water tower next to it was taken down in February, and recently, we're told any remaining valuables inside the station were removed.

But after sitting stagnant for years, the recent rummaging may be the reason neighboring building owners say they're starting to see rodents.

As a result, the owner of the Katy Depot, across Main Street, says he's had to set out rat poison in his basement.

Chad Smith, owner of Smitty's Bar and Grill located at the north end of the depot -- farthest from the antique station -- says thankfully, rodents have never been and still aren't an issue at his restaurant. But, he says he's not leaving anything to chance.

"We're probably tripling the amount of money that we spend a month on extermination and setting traps just to make sure we don't have any problems, and to make sure we don't have any coming up in the future," he said.

While Smith hopes stepping up extermination will prevent a problem, he says he and his landlord are concerned about what may come when the crumbling building is brought down.

The city of Denison says it will look into whether rodents have or will become a concern for neighboring businesses.

As for the demolition, a contractor has been hired. A pre-demolition meeting is scheduled for Monday.