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Social Media and Caring Texomans Help Save A Dog's Life


SHERMAN, TX-- A dog hit by a car in Sherman is rescued after a status is posted on a social media site.

Wednesday night, Stephanie Little of Sherman called KTEN asking for help after she said a dog was hit by a van near her house.

"It went by really fast, honked and then hit the dog," said Little.

The dog was thrown and fell into a ditch. She says she made calls for help but because it was after hours she had no luck.

"Finally, when I called Channel 10 they got on facebook and  less than an hour there were people out here to help me with that dog."

A plea for help on our facebook page led to more than 500 hundred comments from concerned Texomans and about a dozen people wanting to help.

"To look at your pet laying in the floor, you know, it's warm, it's cozy, it's laying down there snoring and to think that another one's in a ditch, in the cold, possibly with broken legs or even more damage. Yeah, you just have to help," says Summer Francis of Cartwright.

"I just wanted to do something and I know all I could do personally for myself was try to give some money to help towards it, to some of the donations, " adds Megan Hesse of Pottsboro.

"I was watching TV and looked on my phone and you had posted 8 minutes before about "Faith" and I just got up and got in my car, put it in GPS and went straight over there," says Kelly Kolba of Denison.

When  Kolba got there, there were others already waiting with towels and blankets and a leash.

Kolba remembers, "He was scared to death. It was like Kujo when I got there."

Kolba tried to get the leash around the dogs neck but that didn't work. 

"So, I finally got him to bite it and pulled him to the end. Then I covered him with a blanket and he started to calm down,"says Kolba.

The rescue continued from Sherman to Durant, where Veterinarian Jeremy McCoy rushed to meet the group transporting the dog.

"My wife called me she said, just a heads up, this situation with the dog they're picking up is kind of a big deal on Facebook, says Dr. McCoy.  "She said that the dog has a lot of followers."

He laughs about it now, but says at the time it worried him.  He said he didn't want to have to give all of these hopeful people, bad news.

"You know we just prayed for Faith," adds Kolba.

It was quickly discovered that "Faith" was a boy. A boy in a lot of pain.

Early Thursday morning, X-rays were taken and a diagnosis was made.

Dr. McCoy says "Faith" has multiple pelvic fractures, unfortunately, but as pelvic fractures go this is better than most. With proper pain management the dog should be fairly comfortable, be able to rest, and hopefully the dog will make a full recovery."

A fairly happy ending for everyone involved.

"I am so happy, I am so it happy," says Kolba. "You know, it just really puts it in your heart. Faith is going to be a good dog for somebody."    

As for Mrs. Little, she says she knew how "Faith" felt that fateful night and she knew she had to help.

"I wasn't adopted until I was 10 years old. So, I know what it's like to need people, and to need family and friends. And, if I can be there my house is open to any animal or anybody cause it know what it's like."

Dr. McCoy expects in the next 10-14 days "Faith" will be mobile, but it may be 4-6 weeks before he's completely healed.