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Ardmore Senior Services to Take Big Hit When Sequester Goes Through


ARDMORE, OK-- Among the $83 billion dollar budget cuts are cuts in funding that provide meals for seniors.

Officials at the Southern Oklahoma Nutrition Program in Ardmore said that right now more than 200 seniors come to get a meal every day.

"I'm not so much worried about myself as I am for the seniors because most of our seniors depend on this. I mean we need this, a lot of the time it's the only meal they get a day," Said Site Coordinator Sally Hunley.@

A retired Veteran Pastor Clark, said he's spent more than 20 years of his life serving the country, and said the least lawmakers could do is take care of the country's seniors.

"We need officials to think about us as they look at the budget and the cuts and the things that may effect senior citizens," Clark said.

For some seniors the meals they receive at the Southern Oklahoma Nutrition program are important for their health, and without this free meal they couldn't afford it.

"We have a place to come get warm nutrient meals which I couldn't afford everyday because of the diets I'm on. I'm a diabetic so there are certain things I can't eat and certain things I can't afford to buy," Said Resident Louise Jackson.

Hunely said currently there are over 200-seniors that come to get a meal everyday and with the budget cuts, dozens of seniors will be effected.

"How it's probably going to effect us is we'll probably have to cut back on the food we buy, how much we buy, what we buy, what we serve, and just a little of everything really," Hunley said.@

Pastor Clark said he's holding the powerful accountable.

"We certainly just want our Democrats, Republicans, Independents and all to step up to the plate and help us," said Pastor Clark.