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Winstar Builds New Apartment Complex


THACKERVILLE, OK-- With a new apartment complex, Winstar is about to get a whole lot bigger. The Central Park at Winstar Village will be 252 units.

Liz Sullivan is from Madill Oklahoma and said she travels to Winstar often. Sullivan said in a small town like Thackerville, it's about time they build more living spaces.

"Oh I think that's an excellent idea. Affordable housing is one of the biggest problems in the area I think."

Winstar World Casino is the second largest casino in the United States and attracts thousands of people every day.

Of the hundreds of employees who work at the facility, many have to commute because of the limited places to live in town.

"It means a lot to us to be able to have this venture, but it means a lot to the community to have places for people to live, said Chickasaw Nation Gov. Bill Anaotubby.

Governor bill Anaotubby said they have several attractions with the casino, but not nearly enough housing for employees and the community.

"There's an RV park,  gulf course, but a component of that obviously has been missing is residential," Gov. Anoatubby said.

Anaotubby said he hopes this will solve some the of employees driving conditions.

"We know that we're adding some additional employees out here but for the employees that are already here they will not have to make that drive back and forth from wherever they live," said Anoatubby.

Ikvinder Pabla said he travels to Winstar quite a bit and says the new complex will bring a lot of growth to the community.

"The more growth you get the more opportunities the people are going to have such as careers. It opens up way more jobs if they're going to build apartments," said Pabla.

The project is set to be completed spring of 2014.

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