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Van Alstyne Band Members To Compete In Austin


VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- Members of one Texoma high school band have been recognized for their musical skills, as dozens received high scores in a competition, and now they are headed to a state-level contest.

For many band students, music is a passion. They spend time in class, during free periods, and at home practicing. Now, they will join others from around Texas as part of a special competition.

They go to calculus, English, biology, but many cannot wait for the time they can break out their instruments and be part of the band. "It's a stress reliever, I like having my class in the middle of the day because I can just forget about my other classes and enjoy what I do," says clarinet player Haley Harvey.

"The French horn is what I play for concert, and then the mellophone is what I play for marching, and it's kind of like a marching French horn," says horn player Tanner Callier.

After joining a band class in sixth grade, junior Rebecca Bouley says she tried playing flute, clarinet, and trumpet, but nothing seemed to work. "I had a really hard time just getting air into the brass instruments and that is what I originally wanted to play," says Bouley.

For her, it turned out a different instrument was a good match. "When I started playing on the bassoon, it just fit perfectly," says Bouley.

After receiving high scores from the judges in a recent competition in Celina, 38 of the 40 students will now go on to compete at a state contest.

"As Mr. Fulton puts it, you leave all your problems at the door, focus on your music, music is what you take your emotions out in," says Harvey.

"I provide a new focus, a new direction for them and they just they caught on really fast and that just goes to their will and their want to be good," says band teacher Tim Fulton, who started this year from Bells.

Some students have competed at the state level before, and now they are excited to have their classmates join them.

"The time I've invested in it and how much fun I have with it, it's just something that brings me joy," says Callier.

"I always tell them it's all about the journey soak up every moment because it goes by so fast and just to have fun," says Fulton.

Many of the students take private lessons in addition to class and rehearsal at school. They will compete in the State Solo and Ensemble Contest being held in Austin starting on May 25.