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Study Shows Vitamin D Supplements May Not be Enough


ARDMORE, OK-- Mary Bernt owns a vegan restaurant and vitamin shop in Ardmore. She said she was low on vitamin D, But after taking a dietary supplement the condition improved.

"I was very low, like at the low end of the spectrum, and so I was kind of concerned about that so I started taking a supplement," Bernt said.

A recent government study shows healthier older women shouldn't bother taking supplements because it won't prevent broken bones and it can increase the risk of kidney stones.

Dr. Neil Nedley said the best way to get a good dose of vitamin D is from the sun.

"Less than 400-units of vitamin D is not enough. If you go outside on a day like today, where it's sunshiny, and you're out there from noon until one, you'll pick up about 4-thousand units of vitamin D.  That's a whole lot better than taking a of only 400-units," Dr. Nedley said.

Dr. Nedley also said it's important to test your vitamin d levels

He said people under 30 should really take care of their bone health  because that's the prime time.

"The amount of bone that we continue to build in the body continues until about 30, maybe 35. So actually your calcium and vitamin D intake is more important before the age of 30 or 35," Dr. Nedley said.

 Some young local residents said they're unaware of the importance of taking Vitamin D. 

"I don't take vitamins because I guess I'm uneducated about it," Resident Emily Parker said.

"I do not take any vitamin d supplements, I've never had a problem with vitamin deficiency or I've been too ignorant to know if I've had a problem," Resident Caleb Phillips said.