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Wrong odometer reading causes dispute with car dealership


ANNA, TX -- Pam Heiberger says she needs a reliable car to get to and from her job in Plano every day.

"My job is my livelihood," she said. 

She recently purchased a 2011 Toyota Camry from McKinney Buick GMC.

Besides the look of the car, she says its low mileage is what brought her to buy it.

"It really didn't know what kind of car I wanted. I drove this one. It was wonderful. It was a smooth ride and the car had really low miles so I was very interested in it," she said.

Heiberger purchased the car for nearly $17,000. Her finance paperwork stated the vehicle's odometer had 20,134 miles. 

But about a week after driving it home, she says she brought the car back to the dealership to have the windows tinted. That's when she says the odometer reading changed.

"On my way home, I look at the mileage. The odometer says 38,900 and was like what on earth is going on here so I immediately called my salesman," she said.

Heiberger says she thought it was a mistake until the dealership told her the car did, in fact, have nearly double the miles her paperwork showed.

"They offered to rectify the situation by giving me money back which would be the difference between a car with 20,000 miles and a car with almost 40,000 miles," she said. "But then they decided they weren't going to do that."

KTEN contacted McKinney Buick GMC which said an employee inadvertently swapped the mileage on Heiberger's car with another similar car on its lot.

The general manager sent a statement:

"Thank you for the opportunity to respond and confirm our mutually satisfied resolution with our customer Ms. Heiberger.

I will admit that we were partially to blame for the mix-up, but as the facts in this matter show at no time did we set out to intentionally mislead Ms. Heiberger.  Surely Ms. Heiberger understood that our salesman made a simple clerical error in the mileage, as she originally signed the car fax on her purchased 2011 Toyota Camry which clearly identified that the last reported odometer reading was 35,379.  This is the same vehicle shopped online on our website which always posted the correct mileage of 35,379. 

When the customer brought our mistake in not writing down the correct mileage on one of our internal documents to our attention, we offered to immediately purchase the vehicle back at no cost to our customer.  She declined this option, so in the spirit of compromise we offered her a cash settlement which she was happy to take.  We are sorry for any inconvenience and we appreciated her bringing this clerical error to our attention, we will make every effort to prevent a recurrence.

Our goal is to provide a great customer experience and we want to earn our customer's business and goodwill.  We think the facts in this matter show we never set out to intentionally mislead the customer in any way - it was a simple clerical error on one of the many documents used in the sale of a vehicle.  Above all, here at McKinney Buick GMC we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied."

McKinney Buick GMC also issued Heiberger a $2,600 refund for the difference in the value of the vehicle.