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Family members speak out about tragic Sherman accident


SHERMAN, TX - An accident possibly involving alcohol landed one Sherman man in a Dallas hospital with serious injuries and another man in jail.

Family members on both sides say it's an accident that could have been avoided.

21 year old Marcus Johnson is still in Parkland Hospital, and on Monday his family says he remains in critical condition.

While he faces several more surgeries, the driver of the truck involved in the crash is facing intoxicated assault charges.

On Monday we spoke with both families about the tragic accident.

21 year old Marcus Johnson was riding his motorcycle Sunday night when something happened that will forever change his life.

"My grandson at the moment is still in critical condition, he's had his leg amputated, a broke hip, broke pelvic bone," said Johnson's Grandmother, Loretta Pride.

And his list of injuries goes on and on, including a broken arm, a fracture in his neck, and several serious internal injuries.

Police say Johnson and a friend were riding their motorcycles north on 1st street, when 50 year old Elias Garcia tried to turn left in front of them onto Spring Road.

The crash sent Johnson's bike flying off the road into a tree.

Investigators say Garcia was driving drunk.

"Being intoxicated at the time of an accident and causing serious bodily injury. It's a third degree felony. He's looking at anywhere from 2 to 20 years," said Sherman Police Sergeant D.M. Hampton. 

Garcia's family admits he had been drinking, but they don't believe the accident was entirely his fault.

"There's no way because the air bags on the passenger popped and they hit the driver, you know what I'm saying, and the other air bag popped too," said Garcia's son, Roel Garcia.

They believe Johnson and his friend were speeding and hit Garcia's truck almost head on.

"Street bikes they be passing flying, 100 you can hear them from all the way 3 blocks that way, just vroom vroom vroom," said Roel. 

"I don't know what actually happened so I can't say who was at fault, I wasn't here, but I just don't believe he was speeding like they say he was," said Pride.

The one thing both families agree on, this accident could have been prevented.

Johnson's family says he's in good spirits despite his injuries.

Garcia is in the Grayson County Jail on a $15,000.00 bond.