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Former Senator Tom Tipps Laid to Rest


ARDMORE, OK-- Dozens of people in Ardmore showed up to show respect and to say goodbye to former  Oklahoma lawmaker Tom Tipps. Tipps was a war hero who flew planes in WWII and was a former Oklahoma senator. Those who knew and loved him said he was all about the people.

"Tom lived a life of service, he grew up in hard scrabble existence in western Carter County, he never forgot that,  and he never forgot the people that were good to his family," Retired District Judge Tom Walker said. 

Ralph Williams said he knew Tipps since he was a young boy and said he did a lot for the Oklahoma Veterans Center.

"He helped strengthen a lot of our auxiliary's around here like  V.FW, and American legion. He was a good man to know, he was a very good man to know," Williams said.

Those who knew him also said that he always had interesting stories to tell about his time in the military and that to know tom Tipps, was an honor.

"I was very honored to have taken care of such a man. Every time I went in to take care of him, he always had an interesting story to tell me about shooting down eight of the German fighter pilots," Nurse Wanda Menchinella said.

Former senator Johnnie Crutchfield said Tom was a legend.

"In high school that's the only name I heard in our household was senator Tipps so I've always respected him and I honored that he was a good senator," Crutchfield said.

Retired former Ardmore District Judge Tom Walker said Tom wouldn't let him forget about the people.

" He would say, now judge, you don't forget, I don't care what you're doing out there in that court room. You might be a smart man, and you got an education, but you're dealing with people's lives out there and don't you forget it," Walker said.