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Ardmore Residents React to Danica Patrick's Race


ARDMORE, OK-- Jimmie Johnson may have won the Daytona 5 hundred race, but several fans said that Danica Patrick already made history Sunday by being the first female to lead the race in pole position.

"Yeah she's running with the big boys and getting everybody's attention and doing very well," resident George Mitchell said.

Jessica Teel said she wasn't much of a fan of Nascar. In fact she said she's never watched it before, but said when she heard about Danica and the things she's accomplished so far, Teel said she couldn't miss it.

"This could be history, a really big moment for women, women in sports, and women all over. I really don't watch nascar, but I came out here to root on Danica."

Patrick switched to Nascar last year after becoming the first woman to lead laps at the Indianapolis 500, as well as being the first woman to win Indycar race. Patrick may have a lot fans but local resident George Mitchell said Patrick also has a lot of people not rooting for her.

"Yeah she's got a lot of naysayers, a lot of detractors, but I think they're afraid of her, I think she's gonna do quite well," Mitchell said.

She may not have won the race, but residents said that she accomplished something pretty amazing.

"She was the first female to actually win the number one starting position, the pole position," Mitchell said.