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Denison teachers prepare to rally in Austin


DENISON -- A group of Denison teachers painted signs they plan to take with them to Austin on Saturday.

They'll be among more than 10,000 people expected to march on the state capital for the Save Texas Schools rally.

A march to the capital building will begin at 10:30am in Austin.

The rally begins on the steps of the capital begins at noon.

We're told dozens of teachers and parents from Denison are planning on making the trip.

Shonna Voight with the Denison Classroom Teachers Association says she hopes their presence puts pressure on Texas lawmakers to return a portion of the $5 billion worth of budget cuts it's made to public schools.

"We're not expecting money in the bank tomorrow to hire anybody or to give the resources to us. But in the process of what's going on at the legislation session right now, we just need them to know that hey, we're here, we matter, our kids are our future and we need that funding back," Voight said.

The rally is an annual event but this will be the first time Denison schools have been a part of it.

The public is invited to attend.

Save Texas Schools bus meets at Denison Wal-Mart parking lot at 5am.

The march at Texas State Capital in Austin is at 10:30am. Return to Denison around 7:30pm.

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