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Oklahoma Troopers and Corrections Officers May See Raise


ARDMORE, OK--  Oklahoma troopers and state prison workers are hoping for a pay raise under House bills 2145 and 2146.

The Oklahoma House Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Public Safety passed two proposals that would grant more money for state troopers and officers in the Department of Corrections and most people agree, it's a good investment.

The last time troopers in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol got a raise was in 2006.

Troopers say it's difficult to attract good recruits for the pay they are currently offering.

"Increasingly we find it harder and harder to get qualified personnel, we will lose them to either other agencies or they will choose another field all together because of the pay scale" according to OHP Lieutenant D. Galloway.

The bill to increase troopers pay will boost the salary of a new officer from approximately $33,000 to about $39,000.

"Currently the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Department of Public Safety have a pay bill that has been presented for this year and I believe it is approximately sixteen percent raise across the board from the lowest personnel to the highest" said Galloway.  

Most of the people we talked to say they were in favor of the pay raise.

If both bills pass starting pay for corrections officers will increase to $14 an hour and other department of corrections employees will get a five percent boost in pay.