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Getting Your Concealed Handgun License in Texas


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX-- A test on the gun range kicks off the ten hour day at Red River Fire arms in Sherman. Each student performs a series of drills in order to move on to the next step.
For most, there is just one motivation, "I  was actually robbed one time. It was a couple of years ago when I went to Dallas. I had always been very anti gun, until that point that I was robbed and I was like, hey ya know, I'm not going to be a victim I'm going to protect myself." Says Crystal Gouge From McKinney, Texas.

Self Defense is what the class focuses on. How to protect yourself, when to use deadly force and how to dissolve a situation without it. Giving the gun owner the legal right to make that choice. " That's where the CHL come's in. You're able to keep that weapon on you and go into places that you're legally allowed to go into and that way you're protected when you're outside your vehicle or away from your home. " says CHL instructor Jeremy Cox.

Once the class is over-- you still don't walk out the door with a licence to pack heat in the state of Texas. " At the end of the class I always have students that come up to me and say-- I never knew that there was that much to this." Say's Cox.

You also have to get familiar with the Texas concealed handgun laws.

" It's not just shooting, it's becoming aware of all the laws that are covered, becoming aware of your liabilities, becoming aware of the safety and the impact-- and non violent dispute resolution is a big part of the class. It's knowing how to solve problems without even having to use your weapon." he tells us.

After learning  those steps and the ten hour class is over. Students  then go through the steps  of submitting their paperwork . Going online to the Texas department of public safety web site  to register.  As well as, getting pictures, electronic fingerprints submitted and paying the final fee. After that, it's 60 days to be processed and then the CHL is sent in the mail.

Those  in the class say , that even with all the fees, time commitment and paperwork. It's worth it to be legal.


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