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DISD steps up school security


DENISON, TX - Many schools districts across the country already have armed police officers on their campuses and today the Denison School District joined them.

Denison Schools Officials say they want their schools to be safe places where kids can learn without fearing something bad might happen.

Tuesday we talked with a Denison Police Officer on his first patrol as a school resource officer at B. McDaniel Middle School.

When it comes to security in schools, parents say you can't put a price on peace of mind.

"As much is going on anymore, it's better to be safe than sorry."

And safety is the number one priority for Denison school leaders, that's why they're adding paid resource officers into their budget.

Starting Tuesday an off duty Denison Police Officer was already walking the halls of the middle school and high school.

"I think it reassures our parents that we're doing everything possible to keep kids safe," said Dr. Henry Scott, Denison Superintendent.

"You know most of these gunmen that break into schools, you know that's the reason why they hit the schools because there's nobody there to fight back."

And that's where officer Mark Hilliard comes in.

"It helps the community maybe feel a little bit better about security in the school," said Officers Hilliard.

On his days off Officer Mark Hilliard goes from patrolling the streets in Denison to patrolling these hallways to make kids safer and parents more secure.

But some parents say it won't change much, because we can't change our society.

"If a kid has a gun and wants to bring it to school, I think they might be something that it would deter, but if someone wanted to do some evil, they're going to find a way of doing it," said Denison Grandparent.

But school officials hope this move will protect students, and build an important relationship between the kids and police officers.

"They get to know the kids and kids are more likely to come up to them and say look I've heard this thing or that thing," Dr. Scott said.

A relationship they say could some day save a life.

Sherman Superintendent, Al Hambrick, tells us his district has been in a successful partnership with the Sherman Police Department in the same way for at least 18 years now.