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Study Shows Voice Texting is More Dangerous than Texting


ARDMORE, OK-- Several smart phones come with options designed to make it safer to talk on while driving like voice texting, but studies show that's even more dangerous than regular texting.

Samantha Campbell is a young mother of two who says sometimes it's just easier to voice text than to text with her hands.

"My thumbs get tired sometimes and I get lazy so I just speak with my voice. Plus it's just boring to just be quiet all the time," Campbell said.

A recent study done by Virginia Tech shows that it's even more dangerous to voice text while driving. According to the study, voice texting resulted in higher mental demand, more frequent and longer glances away from the roadway.

Campbell says she disagrees with the study.

"You have to look down and keep looking at the words that your texting to make sure the spelling is right. I mean all you have to do is just click a button, speak into the phone and you're done," Campbell said.

Statistics show that about 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year.

Several local residents we talked to all had different opinions about the study.

"With Voice texting you really could still keep your eyes on the road. If was me, I would voice text a lot more than having to look down to make sure you spelled everything right. You can just say it and send it," Resident Shamiya Clement said.

"I think voice texting is a lot safer when you're driving cause you wouldn't have to stare off the road," Resident Thurston Bowden said.

"Well I don't know why you would voice text when you can text with your hands any way. There's no use of it. Everybody just texts any way so why voice text?" Resident Logan Good said.