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Proposed Bill would Make it Harder For Couples to Divorce


ARDMORE, OK-- According to the U.S. census Bureau., Oklahoma tops the nation with the number of marriages that end in divorce.

Now Oklahoma lawmakers have a new proposal for marriage.

Several local residents had their opinions on what they thought about the bill.

"If two people love each other they should stay together, if not they should get out,"  Resident Sara Hall said.

"If I get married, I'm not getting divorced, I don't believe in divorce," resident Garner Shawn said.

Republican State sen. Josh Brecheen of Colagate introduced the covenant marriage bill to the senate committee Tuesday and said it should be made an option for Oklahoma couples.

"I'm not here to be a scold, not here to be a judge, but here to say, the more that the family fails, the more that the government has to get involved."

Kristi Cox is a clinical therapist in Ardmore and said she has some concerns about the bill.

"My concern is that when we try and regulate morality, behavior and relationship by the state, who do we cut out"?How do we define it?  That's a very dangerous game we're playing in our world," Cox said.

Cox said one of the main reason people stay in marriages is because of their children and said that's not a good excuse.

"Children need to know their foundations are stable , secure, and solid, that means people have to learn to communicate, to get along, to not use kids as weapons, and to not talk bad about the other person. That's really what we see that deteriorates a child's sense of well being," Cox said.