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Coalgate Teacher Relative Charged With Allowing Abuse


COALGATE, OK -- There are new developments in the case of a high school teacher accused of sexual abuse, as a relative of the teacher surrendered to face a charge of permitting sexual abuse.

Authorities said Wednesday they were looking for the relative, who Thursday morning appeared for arraignment. Deputies say the alleged abuse did not happen at the school.

The arrest of a Coalgate high school teacher on a charge of sexual abuse has people talking. "The kids just said, 'Oh my gosh, that's my biology teacher,' and I said, well stuff happens," says resident Markette McKinney.

Over a period of several months, authorities say William Pinkston, 32, had improper contact and repeatedly exposed himself to a victim under the age of 12 at a home in Olney.

"There was some misconduct, some sexual abuse occurring in the residence," says Sheriff Bryan Jump.

"We got allegations from the school. I contacted the teachers down there, the superintendent, to let them know what was going on. From there we set up a forensic interview with the minor," says Deputy Nicholas Davis.

The superintendent says in a statement that Pinkston is in his fourth year teaching at the high school and Pinkston has been placed on paid leave as of last Monday.

"The kids you know, that's our future, and this kind of stuff happening, you just don't understand it," says resident Philip Brown.

A close relative has also appeared in court -- charged with permitting child sexual abuse -- after allegedly allowing the abuse to occur without reporting it to anyone.

"She knew what was going on, but she didn't try to stop them," says Jump.

Pinkston passed a background check before being hired at the school. Even though authorities say the improper contact did not happen there, many residents are still concerned about the accusations against a man trusted to take care of their children.

"I pray over my grandchildren and I love them and I believe God will take care of them," says McKinney.

Pinkston's attorney Rick Branam says after speaking with his clients he does not have any comments on the case. Pinkston is out on $100,000 bond and the relative on $20,000, and both suspects have another court date on March 7.