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Tower next to Katy Antique Station torn down


DENISON -- It once stood at Denison's east end, but Wednesday, crews dismantled a water tower built when the town was little more than a stop along a railroad.

Billy Giles is with W.W. Enterprises, the construction company hired by the city to take the tower down.

"Hopefully we'll get it down today. Then, we can start chopping it up so we can haul her out of here," Giles said.

Robert Pool owns Main Street Lumber, a business that's been across the street from the historic tower for more than 40 years.

While he says he's sad to see history go, he'll be happy when the eyesore it stands in front of is gone.

The partially collapsed Katy Antique Station, which has stood in ruins for years, is expected to be torn down in the coming weeks.

As for the tower, crews are cutting the support beams so a crane can lift each section off. Giles says the progress is slow-going.

"You have to be very easy. You have to make sure all your cuts are right," Giles said.

Friday, he says workers will begin cutting the metal into pieces so it can be removed.