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Training and Quick Thinking Help Save a Local Student's Life


DURANT, OK -- Lunch at a local elementary school Wednesday turned into a scary situation as a first grader began choking. Thanks to some quick thinking from the cafeteria staff what could have been a tragic situation ended up with a happy ending.

It was a normal day of lunch for first graders at Robert E. Lee Elementary School in Durant, until a young student started choking.

"I was very, very scared. He was turning purple and losing consciousness and it was a very scary situation," said Sharon Moore, a cafeteria worker who stepped in and helped.

Cheryl Smith described the situation that forced her to leave her cafeteria spot and go help.

"Jessica had come in and told me that a boy was out there choking. I had looked up and seen Sharon and Miss. Rachel helping him and I just ran out and grabbed him and did the Heimlich maneuver on him."

After three attempts the food dislodged and the child finally took a breath.

"It felt like forever. I had so many things going through my mind," says Rachel Shelton, the school counselor who was in the lunchroom at the time.

The heroic cafeteria workers say special training prepared them for situations like this.

"I don't know what would have taken place had I not had the some of the training in the Heimlich maneuver," says Moore.

"I'm just thankful that I did get that and it came in handy to help someone. It seems like when you are taking it you are not comprehending it all but then when something happens its amazing how much you can remember," says Smith.

Thankfully, this scary situation had a happy ending thanks to the quick thinking and cooperation of Robert E. Lee's lunchroom staff.  

"What happened yesterday, that little boy, he was going to die. I 100% believe if it were not for the training that that child would not have survived," says Shelton.

And staff members say the 7 year old who was saved is doing just fine.  

"He was back this morning and we were all very glad to see him," says Moore.