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Durant Students Encourage Healthy Dating Relationships


On Valentines Day most people think of the hearts, candy, flowers and all that mushy stuff. But for students at Durant High School, Valentines day is being used to raise awareness about healthy and unhealthy relationships.

It's a fact, our kids are "dating" a lot younger than maybe mom and dad did... and things are a lot different now than they used to be. Thursday morning, Lisanne sat down to chat with folks from Durant High School to see how they're using Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and Valentines day to promote "Love Is Not Abuse Day". And education teenagers of the warning signs in an unhealthy or abusive relationships.


Durant, OK – February 14, 2013 will be recognized as Love Is Not Abuse Day at Durant High School.

Students in DECA, a student marketing association, have spent the past few weeks preparing for February, which is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and for Love Is Not Abuse Day.

Durant Mayor Jerry Tomlinson will present the Love Is Not Abuse Day proclamation at 11:10 am at Durant High School Commons. Also in attendance will be representatives of the Durant Crisis Center who will be on hand to provide support and information to students. This vent marks the third year DECA students have recognized Love Is Not Abuse Day at Durant High School.

"I am excited the students have taken the initiative to put together such an important event that has the opportunity to make a huge impact on the community and their peers," said Tascha Bond, DECA advisor and Marketing Instructor. "This event wraps up our year-long initiative to create awareness about a very important issue."

Earlier in the year, students implemented the Clothesline campaign and the Red Flag campaign. The Clothesline project allowed students to design and create t-shirts with domestic violence awareness messages. Over 100 shirts were displayed at Durant High School. The Red Flag campaign focused on the warning signs and red flags of an unhealthy relationship. Extreme jealousy, controlling behavior, isolation, lying and cheating are only a few of the red flags identified during the campaign.

Love Is Not Abuse Day will also include the distribution of Dating Pledge cards, which encourages students to tweet and post a special Love Is Not Abuse message on social networks. Students will also be signing the Love Is Not Abuse banner.

"Students need to be educated on the signs of teen dating violence so that one day the issue will become non-existent," said Katie Campbell, Durant DECA President. "Having a designated day allows everyone to come together."



Since 1991 Liz Claiborne Inc. has been working to end domestic violence. Through its Love Is Not Abuse program, the company provides information and tools that men, women, children, teens and corporate executives can use to learn more about the issue and find out how they can help end this epidemic. Durant High School is a member of the national Love Is Not Abuse Coalition.

If you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship or know of someone who you suspect is, the first step is to talk to someone trustworthy. Or you can call the 24/7 confidential local help line at 580.924.3030.




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