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Atoka County Voters Decide On Future Of School


ATOKA COUNTY, OK -- Voters went to the polls to decide on the fate of a troubled school, after residents petitioned the state to hold a special election about whether to close their school for good.

Farris residents -- not the school board -- petitioned the State Department of Education for the election on Tuesday, C3 program manager Richard Caram said.

According to unofficial totals released by the Atoka County Election Board, 143 voters were for annexing Farris into the Lane school district, and only 14 people voted against the proposition.

If left uncontested, the results will become official at 5 p.m. Friday night, and students in the Farris school district will go to Lane schools beginning on Friday, March 1.

Lane superintendent Roland Smith says he is ready to hire three staff members -- one teacher, one aide, and a school bus driver -- to accommodate about 40 new students, the majority in pre-kindergarten through first grade.

Last year, the school was named one of several Oklahoma schools in a new "C3" program to improve low-performing schools by offering training, but Caram said Farris staff members did not participate much in that program.