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Proposed Bill limits Welfare Users to Food and Necessities


ARDMORE, OK-- Lawmakers in Oklahoma are trying to put restrictions on where people can spend their welfare money. A new bill  that just passed a senate committee yesterday, would limit purchases to food and other necessities.

Oshiel Daniel said he sometimes uses his welfare card to purchase alcohol at a local liquor store, But said if the state stops allowing him to use the money to buy liquor, he says he won't complain.

"I appreciate their hospitality," Daniel said.

Senator Rob Strandridge authored the bill trying to ensure that the funds being used through programs like temporary assistance for needy families are used towards meaningful help for families who need it. One local liquor store owner said she's not worried about the bill.

"I don't think it will effect our business because we didn't have that many customers coming it," Store Manager Linda Lemley said.

Several local liquor store owners we talked to didn't want to appear on camera,  but they said they think the proposed bill is a good idea.

Store manager Linda Lemley said she thinks some customers will be upset.

"I think there's going to be a few that's going to be upset. I think the majority of them really did not use it for this purpose, but there's a few that will be upset."

In fact Daniel said he supports whatever decision lawmakers decide.

"It's the law, you have to obey the law, don't break the law," Daniel said.