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Bryan County Woman Shoots Gun To Scare Intruder


BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Deputies say a woman fired a gun after she reported that someone tried to sneak into her home by coming in through the window.

According to the investigator on the case, this is likely not a random attack, but was done by someone she knows. Deputies showed up after the woman's employer reported that something was wrong.

Deputies in Bryan County got a call about a "burglary in progress" around 10 a.m. at a house near Platter. "A female was reporting a man had broken into her house and made entry into the house and she had apparently barricaded herself in a closet," says Bryan County Sheriff's Office investigator Nathan Calloway.

After waiting outside the house on Sterret Road for several minutes with no response, officers burst in the front door, and found the woman unharmed. "She advised that a person did make entry through the back window and was familiar with the residence, so there's a possibility that this may be a family member or a friend of the family," says Calloway.

Several officers including Bryan County deputies and Calera police responded to the house. The woman inside says she has "no comment" about what happened.

"My wife was upstairs and she came to the loft, and asked me if I heard a gunshot and I said no, and a little while later there was five or six sheriff's vehicles in my driveway," says neighbor Norman Johnson.

The woman had fired a shot in the air, but no one was hurt, because of the location of the mailbox. neighbors also got visits from officers.

"The one that came down the sidewalk, he had his hand on his gun and they didn't tell us about anything, just wanted to know if this was 3700, we told him no, and when he started to leave he asked where's it at and I said, 'Well, it's the next house down there,'" says neighbor Roy Thompson.

"They asked me if this was 3700 and I was like, no this is 3702, so they immediately got in their vehicle and went to the neighbor," says Johnson.

They did find the address and now deputies want to talk to the woman's husband to get more information. Calloway says they are also looking for a friend of the family. No one was hurt.