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North Texas Deputy and wife die in house fire, family speaks out


LADONIA, TX - The Texas State Fire Marshal is investigating a fire that burned a house to the ground in Ladonia, Sunday morning, killing a Collin County deputy sheriff and his wife.

While investigators try to figure out how this happened, the family rummaged through the remains of the house Monday and began planning the funeral.

As Micah Fields looks at what remains of the house he grew up in, he has a hard time finding words for what he's feeling.

"Complete shock, nobody was ready for it, it still doesn't seem real."

Early Sunday morning Micah's mom and dad, Richard and Rebecca Fields, died inside their home on 2990 in Ladonia, when it went up in flames.

Micah says he's just glad he got to see them the night before.

"They were great people and at least they went together, we had a really good night together before it happened and that's all I want to think about is how they were happy," said Micah.

Richard Fields was a Collin County deputy sheriff, but to so many people, he was much more than that.

"My dad was a huge father figure to a lot of friends of mine, he cared more about people than he cared about himself, and my mom was just the sweetest, she had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever known."

He was just 8 years old when they moved into the more than 150 year old house, a house he says his dad loved.

For now he says he's trusting in his faith, something his parents taught him to do.

"I think God has a reason for everything and that's all that matters. My dad would've known that it's God's plan, and that's what he would have wanted people to know," said Micah.

While digging through the ashes, they found a few things they hope will preserve memories of Richard and Rebecca to pass on to the grand kids.

The family says they want to thank all the first responders who came from nearby areas to help, and all the neighbors who've stopped by offering support.

The funeral has been set for Friday at 2 p.m.