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Luella families displaced by storm


LUELLA, TX -- Much of Max Holloway's roof is scattered across his backyard. The wall to his upstairs bedroom is now flat on the ground and he says his two car garage is completely level after a strong line of storms tore through Luella early Sunday morning.

"There was a big bang," he said. "It sounded like an explosion."

The Glicks were awakened by the same sound and walked outside to find several trees snapped in half and most of their roof gone.

"There's sunlight where the light fixtures were. They were sucked out. They're gone," Venus Glick said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, said Monday that straight line winds between 85 and 95 miles per hour blew through Luella early Sunday morning leaving behind a six mile path of damage.

One home appeared buried in trees uprooted by the high winds.

Downed power lines left some homes with no electricity on Monday. To make matters worse, the Glicks say they also feel left in the dark by their insurance company.

"They told me right now that it'll be a couple days before we can have somebody research your claim and then have somebody come out," she said.

Max Holloway is also trying to get the process of repairs started but says the shock of all that's damaged is still sinking in.

"My garage and house is all over 11 acres. I've got stuff over in the neighbors' yard. It's pretty devastating, he said."