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S.O.R.T.S. Riders Demand Answers



Officials with the Southern Oklahoma Rural Transit System say they're reviewing their customer service procedures after receiving a number of complaints.

S.O.R.T.S  riders in Ardmore are demanding answers they say when they call for service it's not friendly and sometimes they have to wait for long periods to get the service they need.

Managers at the Southern Oklahoma Rural Transit System are trying to sort out customer service issues after a number of riders filed complaints.

Sorts rider Linda Sheldon says she gets attitude from a dispatcher every time she calls for a ride.

 Sheldon says she knows other riders who've had similar experiences when they called the public transportation provider.

Sheldon says when she called to report her experience to supervisors that call didn't go well either.

 Managers at S.O.R.T.S say customer service is a priority and they try to resolve every complaint they get.

 Managers say following the recent complaints, they've sent some dispatchers back to school hoping to improve their customer service skills.

 Nathan Withers of S.O.R.T.S also told us that some of their complaints are coming because they don't have enough staff in the Ardmore area, the transit service is looking to hire services providers in Ardmore with the hope of improving service.