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It's February: How are Texomans Doing With Their New Year's Resolutions?


TEXOMA--- Every year, millions of Americans set New Year's resolutions, but by the time February rolls around, research shows that some of that enthusiasm starts to slip. We decided to check up on Texomans and see how they're doing. 

For some, it's all about getting fit.

"I'd like to loose about two or three more pounds," Paul Newmann said.

Other people want to drop a bad habit.

"I'm still trying to quit smoking," Andrew Thurman said.

This year, millions of Americans set New Year's resolutions.

"My goal is to not get that much bigger and stronger," Newmann said.  "I just want to be able to be fit."  

However, by the time February rolls around, studies show some people start to slack.

"You get into your old patterns and you don't really change anything," Rachel McClure said.

A recent study from University of Scranton shows that about 60% of people who make New Year's resolutions, keep them after one month. After six months, that number drops to a little less then half.

"You accidentally get back into those old habits because it's a comfort zone for you," Thurman said.

The study shows that by the end of the year, only 8% of people who originally set resolutions at the beginning of the year, have kept them.

So where does Texoma stand? In terms of resolutions aimed towards saving money, Landmark Bank Services Manager Amber Pilcher says not well.  

"Unfortunately, we haven't really seen a lot of increase in New Year's resolutions in people wanting to save their money," Pilcher said.

However, many Texomans seem to be doing well in the fitness department.

"I'm back on it 110%," Malcolm Allen said. 

"Everyone's just working out really hard and getting their goals set," Amanda Brew said.

"The majority of people that came in here at the beginning of the year with fitness goals are defiantly still on track to keep those goals,"  Nautilus Fitness' David Cheatham said.

"People who do give up just don't get to that step where they've made it part of their routine," Cheatham said. "They don't have that one thing that keeps them motivated and keeps them coming back."

"The key to keeping your fitness resolution is finding other people who want to do it with you and finding stuff that you enjoy," Ashley Carter said.

"Whatever makes it fun for you and motivates you is what's going to keep you on track to meet your fitness goals," Cheatham said.

Some helpful phone applications that can help you keep your resolutions are Fitocracy, Lose It!, My Last Cigarette and Betterment.