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Bill would Allow Veterans to be Exempt from Paying State Income Tax


ARDMORE OK-- A proposed bill would allow Veterans and state employees to be exempt from having to pay state income tax.

"I think it might be a good idea, although I think Veterans should pay their part too," Veteran A.G Collins said.

According to officials some state employees have not seen a pay raise in six years while the cost of living has continued to increase. State Representative Aaron Stiles said he thinks Veterans and state employees should be exempt from the state income tax. Other officials do not agree.

"I think it would be great to give tax reduction to not only veterans and state workers but what about those people that are working in the private sector, even at a 7-11, or at a TV station, etc. You want to do a tax reduction for everyone," State Representative, District 48, Pat Ombey said.

One local veteran said he knows some Veterans that have been through so much, and not having to pay state taxes would be great.

"There are so many that are so depressed and wounded that I think it's probably something  we could live with and appreciate.," Veteran, H.B Ham said

 Local State Representative Pat Ownbey said he doesn't think this bill will pass and instead the focus will be on all Oklahomans, not just one specific group.

"What the focus is going to be on the legislature this year is to do a state income tax reduction for Oklahomans from 5 and a quarter percent to 5 percent," Ombey said.

Ownbey also said Oklahoma hasn't forgotten about our veterans....

"I know the first ten thousand dollars on retirement for the military is tax free from a state perspective."