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Achille City Council Reinstates Police Chief


ACHILLE, OK--- Outcry from the Achille community and a shrinking police department has caused council members to reinstate Police Chief Eric Shane Guhl. Tonight, Mayor Dean Collins and two city council members held a special meeting to give Chief Guhl his job back.

Tonight's meeting is in the wake of seven officers resigning within the last week, leaving only one officer to cover the entire city.

At the meeting two council members stated that they don't want the police department to go down. They told Chief Guhl that the termination wasn't personal. They say his spending was getting out of control and that that's why he was fired last Friday.

"It's just different things that are bought that I don't think we need a lot of times," City Council member Billie Hughes said.  "I couldn't tell you what, maybe those jackets and hats. I don't see why they needed them. I think policemen should furnish their own."

"They just discussed the way that some of the spending is done," Police Chief Guhl said. "They have an issue with that because they want some of the bills tended to. I can understand that and the mayor and I will get together and make that happen."

Council members want their city to know they respect Chief Guhl, who has served their police department on and off for over eight years. As a result of tonight's decision, the mayor and two other officers have decided to stay.  Chief Guhl will be officially reinstated at the next council meeting.