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Yellow Jacket Boat Company resurfaces to help Denison school

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DENISON -- They were endorsed by Roy Rogers and marketed as the hottest vessel on the market in the 1950's.

Yellow Jacket boats became anchored in Denison history when they first went on sale more than 50 years ago.

Tens of thousands were sold nationwide and many have become collectors' items.

Now, anyone can own a piece of the historic Yellow Jacket Boat Company.

As a way of allowing history to live on, the first of ten benches made from vintage mahogany wood used to make Yellow Jacket boats was unveiled at the Denison Country Club on Wednesday.

The benches were built using a stack of wood still around since the company closed in the late 50's.

"Very special, very unique items because this lumber dates from 1959. It is actual Yellow Jacket surplus material," said David Kanally, president of the Wooden Boat Association.

The men who carved the bench, Bob Adair and Lewis White, say it took them 100 hours to make but say it was a labor of love.

"It really is an honor," Adair said.

"The whole Yellow Jacket program is beginning to get much bigger and this is part of it," White said.

Each bench will be stamped with a vintage Yellow Jacket label.

Out of the ten benches set to be built, eight are still up for sale at a cost of $2,000 each.

The proceeds will go towards the upcoming $4.9 million renovation of the Munson stadium and home of the Denison High School Yellow Jackets.

"We've already raised about $4.3 million so this $20,000 will take us on down the road to meet our goal," said Dr. Henry Scott, Denison school superintendent.